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Heart Foundation Walking Groups are free and easy, and offer you the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships within your local community.


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There's a reason why walking is one of the most popular forms of activity in Australia.

Joining Heart Foundation Walking will help you to have a healthier body, relieve stress, and can help build great friendships.

Did you know walking for an average of 30 minutes or more a day can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke by 35% percent and Type 2 diabetes by 40%? And it’s not just your heart and muscles that benefit from walking. Regular physical activity can also help to -

  • reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke
  • manage weight, blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • prevent and control diabetes
  • reduce your risk of developing some cancers
  • maintain your bone density, reducing your risk of osteoporosis and fractures
  • improve balance and coordination, reducing your risk of falls and other injuries, and
  • Improve our daily mood which can lead to better mental health.